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Learn directly from 3 Licensed Customs Brokers that work in the industry. We don't just teach how to pass the exam, we do this every day.

October 2022 Exam Call Schedule

This is our call schedule, but you can sign up at any time. We post replays of all calls and webinars. We also help with questions via email, Facebook, and hold open question periods from any topic on our Q&A calls.

Call # Description Date
1 Module 1 - Course Intro July 24, 2022
2 Module 2 & 3 - Broker Compliance and Entries July 31, 2022
3 Module 4 & 5 - Finance and Accounting August 14, 2022
4 Module 6 - Valuation August 21, 2022
5 Module 7 & 8 Fines and Penalties September 6, 2022
6 Module 9 - Classification September 11, 2022
7 Module 10 - Classification Cont. September 18, 2022
8 Module 11 - Trade Agreements October 2, 2022
9 Module 12 - Drawback, Anti Dumping, Misc October 9, 2022
10 Review October 23, 2022

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CBG Instructors

We hope we can share our quirky love of brokerage with you!

Nate Holsing

CBG Instructor

Licensed Customs Broker since 2009.

Brian Zappola

CBG Instructor

Licensed Customs Broker since 2004.

Marek Twarowski

CBG Instructor

Licensed Customs Broker since 2001.